Backup & Disaster Planning

Planning for the Worst Case Scenario

Occurences that may call for a backup:

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Data Theft
  • Data Loss or Corruption
  • Accidental Deletion

While a video card or fan failure is an inconvenience until replaced, other components can cause far more stress. One of the components with a higher chance of failure than the others, and is one of the most relied on parts of a computer, is the hard drive.

When a hard drive fails, important documents such as customer information, sales and purchase receipts, appointments, pictures, and other downloaded content can be lost. Data recovery may be an option, but it’s never guaranteed and it can also be costly. Whidbey Tech Solutions offers better options than frantically reacting to a failure after it has occurred.

Our staff members know there is no one size fits all data backup plan, each business is different in what is needed. We will sit down and discuss with you available choices for backing up important data, making sure that if a computer failure does occur, it’s only a momentary inconvenience and your system’s data will be easily restored. We can give you peace of mind in knowing your important files won’t be lost in an inevitable hardware crash.

Talk to us about your disaster recovery plan.