Firewall & WiFi Setup

Wireless Network Setup and Protection

Wireless connectivity tends to be a weak point in a business’ network. Oftentimes, poor security can lead to unwanted data breaches or unauthorized use from intruders. By partnering with various security vendors, Whidbey Tech Solutions can set up a secure and protected network for your business, even offering wireless guest access without compromising your network system.

Whidbey Tech Solutions has access to top security solutions to ensure a safe and stable wireless network. Working with you, we can ensure your company has the best protection possible by limiting the opportunities of a successful attack breaching your firewall and minimizing any potential damage. Your time can be spent on your business, instead of having to worry about nefarious outside elements trying to steal or destroy your data. Give us a call, our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist in tailoring a package which works for your business needs.

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