Network Admin Services

A Better Network

Setting up a network of computers and servers can be confusing and difficult. A network connects your laptops, desktops, mobile devices, cloud services, servers, and other supported devices.

We prioritize your security protecting against a rising tide of cybercriminals targeting small businesses through their devices.

Software Support, IT Security, and Network Troubleshooting

Computers and networks are like any machine, they need maintenance to continue operating efficiently, or could fail when they are needed most. With the sheer number of software options and outside threats, network maintenance can be a full time job by itself. Whidbey Tech Solutions’ trained staff alleviates stress, acting as your dedicated IT department, providing the vital service through proactive monthly maintenance.

Cyber criminal activity is always evolving, adapting to bypass older security software in a never ending battle. Whidbey Tech Solutions can keep ahead of the latest tactics used by hackers and data thieves, keeping your computer and networks safe from outside threats.

By using safe and secure software, techs can remotely monitor your network, troubleshooting any potential problems before they can cause irreparable damage. Whidbey Tech Solutions can also ensure software changes do not interfere with business, installing updates during off-hours of operation. We are versed in the software we provide, able to use the programs to their fullest effects. Give us a call and see how we can protect your company’s network.

Common Network Challenges

Many businesses face the following issues:

Bandwidth (too slow, not enough, paying more than you need)

Wireless security

Decentralized or scattered resources

Downtime or major lag

Lacking regular maintenance - patches, vulnerability scans, equipment and service upgrades

Network Maintenance

Whidbey Tech Solutions is happy to help with your network needs. From a solid set-up, to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, a great network will keep your business secure.

Connecting your devices, servers, cloud, and more

Auditing your network for performance problems

Fixing any weaknesses or poor performance

Ensuring the security of the network and all connected devices and applications

Ongoing scans for security threats

Analyzing hardware to determine if upgrades are needed

Let us manage your networks.